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Approximately 190,000 people work in the city of Münster, which has a very low unemployment rate of 4.4%. Münster’s largest employers are the educational and administrative institutions belonging to the city, including the university, and the district government. Besides the larger companies, the many medium-sized businesses play an especially important role in providing a large number of jobs.

More than 66,000 home and international students are studying in Münster, this providing a wide base of qualified personnel. The level of education in Germany is very high, and not only in the academic field. The German system of dual vocational training has an excellent reputation internationally, with around 750,000 young people in almost 400 professions participating in the system in Germany every year, and being highly motivated when they enter the labour market. The average starting salary for a young person in Münster compared to the rest of Germany is in the middle third.