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The work carried out by the city’s university, technical colleges, and private R&D institutes (altogether, ten in number) means that Münster has a long record in science, research and development, and technical innovation. Its proximity to the Netherlands makes a further technical university available. Münster has seen science and business working together for years, with key areas being renewable energy and battery research, hydrogen systems, nanotechnology and medical technology.


In the field of renewable energy, the cleantech company Enapter is currently building a climate-neutral site near Münster to manufacture electrolysers, its aim being to strengthen the hydrogen economy by mass producing electrolysers without any “grey” energy. Moreover, the area surrounding Münster is known as a “wind region”, and is home to the “Windpark Coesfeld”, the largest wind farm in North Rhine-Westphalia and the third largest in Germany.


Münster has been known for its cutting-edge research on lithium-based batteries for years with the work of the MEET Battery Research Center at the University of Münster, the Helmholtz Institute Münster (HIMS) and the IWARU – Institute for Infrastructure/Water/Resources/Environment at the FH Münster University of Applied Sciences. With the newly established Research Institution for Battery Cell Production (FFB) run by the internationally renowned Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Münster gets another research institution with the focus on innovative and more sustainable battery production technologies. This globally unique battery research facility is currently being built in Münster on a total area of 55,000 m², and will turn the results of top research in this field in Germany and Europe into products. The #BatteryCityMünster therefore covers the entire value chain of battery manufacturing at research level, from material synthesis to cell manufacturing to recycling, and has already attracted the interest of companies and scientific institutions across the world. In other words, Münster is THE PLACE TO BE when it comes to battery research, production and recycling.